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Ticket information

One of our agents at the CALL CENTER will be pleased to help you with your request. You may contact them by email at or by phone at 1-866-999-8111.

How long is the show?

Both our shows Cavalia and Odysseo last 2 hours and have a 30-minute intermission. There is always some variation in the length due to the extensive amount of liberty work in the shows (where the horses are completely loose).

Driving directions

As soon as the Big Top arrives in your town, directions can be found on our website. Select a city, then click on ‘’Driving directions,’’ where detailed information is provided.


There is paid parking on site which opens 90 minutes prior to the show. It is on a first come, first served basis. Parking fees vary from location to location. We work to secure the best possible rate, taking into account fees at similar venues within a 20-mile radius. 

Accessibility - parking & seating

We have accessible seating in the front row. This area includes seats in different categories. Please note that seats in this section must be purchased over the phone, so please contact one of our agents at the Call Center. We have accessible parking available on site right next to the Big Top. When you arrive, go to the parking lot entrance near the box office and tell the parking attendants you require accessible parking.

Upcoming cities

We invite you to visit our website regularly for updates on future destinations or to subscribe to Club Cavalia so you can be advised before everyone else if and when Cavalia’s productions (Cavalia or Odysseo) will be visiting your town.  

Taking pictures

Please note that it is forbidden to take pictures or make any recording during the show. If you have purchased a ticket including a tour of the Cavalia stables such as HORSE LOVER tickets or RENDEZ-VOUS VIP tickets, you may, in the stables, take pictures (without flash).


Each child is different and it generally depends on the individual's level of attention and ability to sit still for an extended period of time. For some young children it is not a problem and they are fascinated by the show. Others may find it is too long for their attention span. We realize each child is an individual and you will know best how comfortable he/she would be at a show of this length – sitting still for about an hour straight, twice in one evening. Please keep in mind that the show is typically full so the child cannot walk around once the performance has started.

Food available at the show

For General admission ticket holders, we offer snack food only, not actual meals. Snacks offered include popcorn, ice cream, pretzels and the like, as well as with a selection of beverages, both alcoholic and non.


There are quite a few items for purchase available, from calendars to children’s coloring books to T-shirts, DVDs, music CDs, fleece jackets and more. You also can purchase these items through the “Online Boutique” of our website.

What to wear to the show?

We suggest you dress comfortably since the overall duration is two hours and thirty minutes. Women are advised to avoid high heels since it may be necessary to climb stairs to reach your seats, depending on their location. Please know there is a wide variation in what people wear to the show.  It also varies by city. Basically, you can’t go wrong in whatever you’d find comfortable wearing inside the world’s largest touring tents.





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