The Big Top


The Big Top under which Cavalia presents its marvellous procession accommodates up to 2,000 spectators. The impression is that of a majestic white cathedral or a fabulous castle, its four towers extending 99 feet high. On a 160 feet wide playground, which allows for and protects their freedom of movement, the horses express themselves with grace and power, while interacting playfully with the artists.

The Cavalia village includes six tents: the White Big Top, the Rendez-Vous VIP tent, the General Admission Entrance tent, one artistic & warm-up tent, the stables and the staff cafeteria.

The White Big Top is 110 feet high (30 metres) or the equivalent of a ten-storey building. A 210-foot wide screen (70 metres) serves as a backdrop for the projections and special effects. The stage is 160 feet wide (50 metres), the equivalent of the width of a regulation NFL football field.

150 people are required to erect the tents and work on the preparation of the site. The set-up takes 12 days, while the tear down is completed in three days.